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I have just one user that is getting this error: No environment found for the user. Contact the site administrator. Works for everyone else?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I assume this is for Dynatrace - is this for SaaS or Managed? If you look at their account are they added to any groups?



Yes, Dynatrace managed, just one server. The account looks okay and there are other users in this group...


I was thinking, try to resend the invite?

Also, I don't know how to submit a request to Dynatrace. In the UI under User Groups it would be good to see the list of users associated with that group...

Here's the detail for the group:screen-shot-2018-03-08-at-124312-pm.png

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Looked through some older cases with that message and didn't see any obvious/simple causes. Only thing I can say to check is that the user is accessing the correct environment and using the right login (I've seen people try to use email when a different identifier is used for their account).

Apart from that wait a bit to see if others with more experience have any ideas and you can open a support case if needed.

All right, thanks James...

User had a typo on login...

Thanks again

It happens - glad you got it sorted!



We also have some users who are getting this error. Are there any known fixes related to this? For these users, the username is the same as their email - not sure if that's causing issues here. Any good ideas where to investigate this? I looked at the Managed server log and the audit logs, but didn't see entries for these users. I would expect to see some sort of error logs, somewhere... Unless it's somehow not recognized as an error that a user who has no environments defined (even though they really do) can't see any data. The logins should still be visible at the audit log, am I right?


We had this happen as well. keep in mind this is from a SaaS perspective. We had to have Dynatrace go into the back end and completely remove the user and re add them