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IBM Information Server & Eclipse


Re-igniting an old post which was for AppMon.  Is it possible to monitor IBM Information Server using Dynatrace SaaS?  I found a plugin for Eclipse which is used in this application but wasn't sure if the Eclipse plugin was for AppMon or for Dynatrace.


I have an agent on the AIX host which runs IBM Information Server - DataStage, and am seeing processes, but I'm not seeing full-stack monitoring details on the database host which this DataStage host communicates with.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey @bill_scheuernst ,


Here is a link that Dynatrace posts to show supported technologies:


I don't see IBM Information Server on the list, but to be honest i'm not really familiar with the technology; so I might not be looking up the correct name. You most likely will not get full stack monitoring details like "transactions & services" if it is not on that list.


Could you elaborate a little on what you are trying to use this Eclipse plugin for? The tool linked in your post does not force the agent to pick up on application services, but rather deploys the Appmon Agent with your application in Eclipse.


Let me know




Eclipse is a Java based IDE used in the IBM Information Server suite of apps.

We have several projects where data comes in to IBM Sterling File Gateway, gets moved into DataStage, then to this SQL Server I’m referring to, then to Apigee, and then to a different external endpoint.  The business would like each area monitored.  Splunk has been suggested as another means to “monitor”.