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IIS worker with Long GC times while there is free memory to use on this host

Hi guys,

We can see this process of IIS worker suffer from long GC time

But when looking into process memory its look like there is lots of free memory that the process can consume but instead the GC is working

Any idea how to give a hint to the iis worker process to use more memory and not cause the GC to start working?

Thanks in advance

@Amit Braunstein & Yos


Does your app pool memory limit or it should be able to consume all available memory on host? Am I see properly that this host has only 4GB of ram? I think it is possible that windows from some reason does not want to allocate extra memory by iis.


Hi Sebastian,

From process perspective its shown 4GB memory machine got 10GB

The question is if and where there is a limit for the memory of this app pool.

The limit we saw was talking about maximum memory for pool till it recycle it self.

We are looking for where we can set the minimum memory that the app pool will start with and the maximum memory that it can extend too,as we think that should solve this issue of the GC.

Or we missing something else here?