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In Dynatrace Managed on-Prem, is port 8019 used for upgrading between the Managed server and OneAgents?


My understanding for OneAgent is only outbound, so port 8019 must be on Managed server side. If we use SG, OneAgent to SG on port 9999, then SG to Managed server on port 8019? There is already a channel from SG to Managed server on port 8443. Is SG smart enough to open a second channel?

Online document is not clear for this. Can someone help clarify? Thanks.



Port 8019 is irrelevant from OneAgent perspective - it is used only for upgrades within the cluster. Only 8443 would be used for sending monitoring data to the cluster.


I read this doc more than 5 times, and it doesn't say anything about OneAgent. So if OneAgent is involved for upgrade, need to know if we need to open additional port from OneAgent to SG to Managed server for this upgrade purpose. If this port 8019 has nothing to do with OneAgent and only on Managed servers in the cluster as document stated, then we don't need to worry about it.