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Incorrect Response Time Captured in Dynatrace for Mule Service (4.1)


we are Trying to test the mule version 4.1 services and for transaction monitoring we have been using Dynatrace one agent.


Issue/Problem Statement:

The service response time displayed at Dynatrace is not aligning with original response time taken from tools like SOAP UI/LoadRunner.

we have validated the response time against server log and that is also not matching Dynatrace response time.


there is vast difference in response time displaying at Dynatrace with original response time

Example like original response time from SOAPUI is 8016 milliseconds but Dynatrace showing is 572 microseconds



we have raised a support ticket with Dynatrace team and Based on their suggestion we make below actions should be done and which we have already followed.


  • the current One Agent version in our Host machine has upgraded to UpToDate(
  • Entire code-path is being monitored by Dynatrace


Note: we have also tested Mule 3.8&3.9 Services in the same way and it didn't see any difference in SOAP UI Vs Dynatrace response time


DT Support Comment:

It looks like there is no current support for the thread stitching and instead a disconnect occurs. It appears to be the nature of how Mule 4.x operates internally, with lots of async calls, which is quite different from 3.x. For Mule 4.x, we will likely only see the end result and a separate PP for backend.


We are looking for resolution or implementation to address the above issue.



Rajasekar Tammisetty



@Rajasekar T. have you gotten any progress on this? If you are requesting a specific feature or functionality be added into Dynatrace, I would recommend Posting a RFE so the product developers can be aware of you use case and see about putting in a resolution for it.


Hello Chad, we didn't receive any positive response on this request yet.
we have published this issue and addressed to Product ideas only, kindly refer below link.