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Information required regarding Oracle Insights



Our DBA team is very interested in Oracle insights, but they would like to receive some more information:

1) We are mostly RAC based organization. I understand currently RAC is not supported. Till then can we monitor the DBs separately on each RAC node?

2) Is there a documented list of queries that Dynatrace executes on the DB server? The question is due to performance and security considerations..

3) What are the added values of installing one agent on the DB servers?




Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Irena Z.,

Work on supporting Oracle Database Insight has already started, as you can read in this RFE from our Product Manager:
Oracle Database Insights. Inputs wanted!

As the name of the Product Idea suggests, all inputs and comments are very welcome!

Also according to Jakub comment in this topic - yes, you should be able to monitor RAC nodes.

As for the value of installing OneAgent on the Database servers, you can read our documentation about the features and value that this could bring to you:


"With code-level database monitoring you can:

  • See the impact of your database statements on the response times of your services.
  • Find expensive database statements based on the service calls or user actions from which they originate.
  • Find out which services talk to databases most frequently.
  • See how much load is placed on your databases by individual services.
  • Understand why some statements are slow.
  • Be notified of increased SQL statement costs and execution."
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