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Is it possible to see purepaths for a .Net process (fat client)



We are doing a POC for an application with this architecture:

.Net fat client in several pcs connects to a db server and a webservice on another machine.

We installed oneagent on these pcs, and instructed to monitor the .net process (HODIM.exe). When we open Process view we see .net metrics like heap, GC, threads, etc, but we don't see purepaths for this process, which is something we expected to see in order to monitor the sql and webservice calls.

See image (image01.png)

Is it possible to have purepaths for a .net process that acts as a client ?(Appmon would be able to monitor this). If the answer is not, is this something planning for the future? Are purepaths only available for the detected services?

Thanks in advance.

Antonio V.



PurePaths are service-bound. Since it's a thick client, it is probably not using common frameworks for server-side applications that would enable Dynatrace to detect services automatically and capture PurePaths.

I'd suggest to define custom services first (Settings -> Server Side Service Monitoring -> Custom service detection). After that Dynatrace will know the entry points and can capture service metrics and PurePaths.



Thank you.

That's the reason. I have defined several and some already shows up. I had to configure entry points (similar to adding sensors for methods in Appmon, where you tell the tool to look for specific methods).

It is important to know in that in .Net you need to restart the process (the client) to see your changes.

Thank you very much.

Antonio V.