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Is the appearance of word 'compuware' in exception stacktrace 'normal'?

I want to know if it is the OneAgent that causing the trouble of my customer's application now.

Please, any insight is greatly appreaciated.




Nice file name - but I think I can say I do not think you are screwed and I will explain why;

Just a tiny bit of background, Compuware did own Dynatrace for a period of time as part of their APM portfolio, and that is a brief history into the com.compuware class and why it is left named this way.

This (Dynatrace OneAgent code appearing in the stacktrace) is normal, and what happens in that stacktrace is our AgentInjectingResponseWrapper setStatus() is your web app passing back its status code to the original wrapped response, and does not mean that the OneAgent is causing the 500 internal server error.

Hope that clears it up for you,