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Is there Dynatrace OneAgent support for ehcache?


I have a team that is coming from another monitoring tool where they were able to see all the metrics around the ehcache. It looks like the OneAgent does not do this and the only way to achieve it is through JMX (custom metrics).

Can anyone confirm?



If there is no ehcache on support list it may be like you said. Another option would be writing custom plugin that will pull those metrics and gives DT native support for this technology.


Yeah, I thought as much. We are finding we are needing to use the custom metrics way more than we thought we would. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing at this point. I am having a hard time justifying the cost around the licensing when it comes to custom metrics. Thanks!

There was my question from time before about metrics calculations. It's simple when you have single dimension for each metric. If you have multiple dimensions, np multiple custom devices this will multiply by number of dimensions. Sometimes it may be hard to count unfortunately....