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Is there a documentation for the Dynatrace PMI plugin?


we are currently trying to pull data from the Websphere PMI to add it as custom metrics. Unfortunately the JMX/PMI Plugin Documentation only describes JMX functionalities. Same applies to the related GitHub project. Does anyone know where I can find a description of the how to use the PMI plugin? What customizations are possible ?


You should be able to create pmi plugin the same as jmx one via jmx editor. Than you can download Jason file for this plugin and modify for example way the metrics are displayed (type of charts etc).


Thank you Sebastian, but this is exactly the problem - the documentation does not explain - how to customize a PMI plugin. There is lot of information about JMX, however for PMI I can see that the JSON is significantly different from the JMX version and I cannot use the description to adjust it, e.g. filter etc.