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Is there a way for automatically merge OSB services ?

Hi guys,

Customer installed oneagent on his 4 servers of OSB cluster.

In dynatrace we see that this cluster runs around 1500 services.

When we drill down to the services and filter them by name of one of the services, we see that the service is actually split into 4 services by the web server name.

Is there a way to merge those services other than in "merged service monitoring"?

Also it seem that there is a bug as the filter under the manageable services is not working....

Thanks for you advice in advance




Hi @Yos N. did you find a way to do this? im having the same "issue" with at least 150 services with our WebLogic.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alan,

Nop, still waiting for answer, also open a ticket on the second filter that is relay not working ...

May be we can transfer this into RFE?


Hey @Yos N. if you are still fighting with this...

I managed to get it working with the new Service Detection API. Good luck

Hey @Dante P.

Thanks for the input, Its took a while but finally we got back to that and it works as a charm with the follows json:


Has anyone been able to find a way for this ? I have something similar with my Java services.