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Is there a way to change default Process Group Availability settings?


We are monitoring several microservices with Dynatrace Managed. We would like the availability settings for all processes/process groups that come online to be defaulted to 'if any process becomes unavailable'. Is there a way to have this selected by default? Or can this be done with a script via the API or some other automated way? Since we are in a PaaS world there are several different process groups coming online and being decommissioned. We do not want to have to change the availability settings manually every time.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Hayden,

thanks for reaching out and sharing this interesting use case especially relevant in PaaS environments. Dynatrace does not yet support changing the default Process Group Availability settings. Currently, you have to adapt the settings for every process group. However, we plan to add global
Process Group Availablility monitoring settings for PaaS environments. Would you mind creating an RFE?


Thanks for the response Daniela! This use case is definitely relevant in PaaS environments - glad you see the value there as well. I will make this an RFE right now.

Thanks again,