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Is there a way to create SLO on Key User Action visually complete times?

Hi guys,

Customer created few KUAs and ask to create SLO on each one of them.

So we wanted to create a metric for counting KUA invocations with visually complete faster then the median and another metric for the total invocations of this KUA, in order to divide the first with the second. 

But there is no way to create a metric for visually complete for key user action, only action duration is available.

Then we thought on setting the APDEX for each KUA manually but we have found that there is no APDEX metric for KUA only for application....

So question here is: Is there a way to create SLO on Key User Action visually complete times?

Thanks in advance 



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You can create the metric in the metric settings of the App:




You must select the action name, then it should be available to use it as a metric for the SLO. Never did something like this so I would assume that there are additional steps to have only the faster than the median values.

Hi @Anonymous 

Yep that was our first step to get the total number of call to this KUA, but for the next step on how to count the fast invocations (i.e. faster then 90 percentile) we did not find a way to do that .... 😞 


Hi @Yosi_Neuman ,


not sure if that helps, but in the Application itself you can create calculated metrics. you can select visually complete there and specify a limit/filter on time which would only count the ones above a certain time (your SLO target).


Then also create one that counts all key action invocations regardless of the VC time and use both metrics in the SLO to determine how many were above and below (effectively calculating the SLO target). That's how I do it.




Hi @r_weber 

We tried that too, but the issue with this one is that the only filter here is action duration and there is no visually complete filter 😞



So we are back in square one  


If I'm not completely wrong "Action Duration" in that case (when you select "Visually Complete" as the KPI) refers to "Visually complete" timing. Though not really intuitive...



@r_weber We have checked that and its look like the duration time not visually complete. 

I agree with @Yosi_Neuman , it seems it's just the user action duration metric described here.


I don't think that's possible at the moment as the metric is calculated on the flight and you don't have percentiles in it.

You can do the query for good user actions using USQL, but then you won't be able to use SLO. 
It seems that for monitoring user-oriented objectives USQL is a more flexible way to go, albeit not usable for real-time monitoring and SLO input.

Hi @Julius_Loman 

Will add RFE for this capability to SLO / metrics 

Thanks !


Eventually we will use here APDEX metric for KUA 






It's not perfect but it's better than nothing 🙂