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Is there a way to simulate "what if" scenarios in Dynatrace?


I was asked by a co-worker if there was something in Dynatrace that we could test how cloud or local data services would impact application performance. Having something like this would be beneficial in business and IT decision making on whether or not to go to the cloud.


I’m not sure what you actually need but when you have monitoring on your cloud infrastructure as well using OneAgent ad for example AWS CloudWatch you have some comparison between those data. Anomaly detection will work in dynatrace for both of data series and you will see correlation between them. What you will not see is for example impact of services like cloudflare.

From local perspective you have monitoring of docker containers, kubernetes nodes and vCenter. In such case you can see if your application environment has available resources it needs. In such case where for example esx has some issues and vm’s are affected, you will see it.



We are working on a direct connect to AWS using Netrality here in Kansas City. The connection will go to our data centers and it was asked if Dynatrace could monitor performance of this connection to determine how this would impact our applications in the future. NAM perhaps or in addition to??

Yes nam can give you answer here