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Issue with matching incoming and outgoing calls through activeVOS


We’re in the process of migrating our services over from AppMon to Dynatrace. Our environments use activeVOS as an orchestrator for some processes, meaning that we have some requests from our activeVOS servers that call multiple services. But we’re experiencing some issues when looking at the service flow: incoming calls to activeVOS are not matched with outgoing calls to the services.

What we observe is that we have 2 “Services” in the transactions and services screen: ActiveVOS and Requests executed in background threads of Websphere…ActiveVOS. On the first, we have our Business Processes (what is run by activeVOS that calls all the services) and on the second, all the Services called by those business process. The fact that they are separated means that matching calls is almost impossible which severely reduces our end to end visibility.

Here's the view from the activeVOS process level:

And here's the view from the outgoing service level which is in a separate Service:

Is there any reason why this would not work in Dynatrace when it worked correctly in AppMon? What would you recommend to match these transactions together? Is there a significant difference in how Dynatrace and AppMon match requests?

Thanks in advance!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Did you try creating custom services? It may need some extra instrumentation. In such case it is possible that connection will appear. I suppose you had on Appmon Classic Agent, OneAgent is different approach of monitoring solution, so there may be some differences.


Regards, Sebastian