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Kubernetes - picking pods which should be covered by monitoring


We have client who has large kubernetes enviornment (64 hosts). He is interested in monitoring only single application on single environment there. In such case we have two problems. First is licensing, because we never new on which and how many hosts our containers will show up. Second is the way to tell OneAgent what we want to monitor. Recommended here is fullstack monitoring. But in such case every detected pod will be instrumented. For application only mode we can pick few pods that we need and monitor only them (we will modify build scripts for them). But in such case we have no insights into clusters that are hosting pods. Any ideas?



Will process monitoring rules work here? add rule to include and/or exclude processes(containers) from being monitored.


Hi Sebastian,

You can create monitoring rules to decide which containers you need monitored (or not) through

Settings > Processes and Containers > Process group monitoring

For the licensing question however, this is a problem we are facing as well. Even worse because we are the only tenant on a multi-tenant PaaS (OpenShift) that would like to have full-stack monitoring with Dynatrace... The only solution (apart from using the application-only monitoring) would be to "partition" the worker nodes so our pods would only run on "our" nodes (see Assigning Pods to Nodes) but that would be running contrary to the benefits of being able to schedule pods over a larger set of worker nodes for increased efficiency, reliability and simplicity. So for now we are sticking to the application-only monitoring which needs to be configured for each deployment or image.


This is how I though, thank you.