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License issue: What method does Dynatrace use to collect the memory of the monitoring hosts? It is measured in the hosts with oneagent activated or it has to be installed?


I got this alert message in my environment :

"The quota for monitored host units is reached. Upgrade your account to resume monitoring. " and my supplies confirmed that is because the Dynatrace license is based on the total memory amount of my monitoring hosts.

However, my environment has some HA Cluster, so there are some passive nodes hosts that don't have any service or application running and I want to disable them from the monitoring.

My question is: if i just disable the oneagent in this host, Dynatrace will stop to consider its memory in the license or should I definily remove the oneagent?


Yes when you will disable agent, it will disappear from license calculation. Dynatrace is considering only those oneagent that are enabled and connected to dynatrace cluster.


Thanks Sebastian, it really worked and there's no alert anymore.


Hi Sebastian, so it ins't necessary to uninstall the oneagent?

No, we are doing this operation all the time. Just go to Settings => Monitoring overview => Hosts and disable those that are not needed.



Dynatrace uses Host Units for your units are consumed at a rate of 1 Unit per 16 gb of Ram for full monitoring. Here is a link to the explain more how the consumption is calculated.

As Sebastian stated, you can easily turn on/off host or change their monitoring from full stack to 1/2 stack with a flip of a switch all while keeping the agent on the host in the event you want to re-enable them.

Another thing to note is that while you might be deployed to 50 some odd hosts as full stack, those hosts communicate to other hosts that might not have the oneagent on them. this communication allows you to see a basic set of information at that unmonitored host level. If you also supply credentials to Vmware or other cloud platforms, you will be able to create custom graphs but wont have the full alerting capabilities as having the oneagent installed.