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Load test traffic doesn't show up under Applications


We use Visual Studio Online for load testing our application. Similar to other load testing frameworks, it does not interact with our application's UI, rather it issues requests against the servers and extracts data it needs from the responses. When running a load test like this, no data shows up under the "Applications" section of Dynatrace. The expected data does show up under "Transactions and Services", and of course, shows load under Hosts, just no data under Applications. If I manually run through the same steps that were in the load test in my local browser, then this data shows up as expected. Is this expected behavior? If not, what do I need to do to get that data to show under Applications?



This could be due to your load test tool not executing any JavaScript and therefore the JavaScript agent won't provide any data.

Not sure what the criteria are for identifying applications in Dynatrace but in AppMon it would suffice to define a matching URL pattern for example (no need for JavaScript execution on the client)



Just to answer your question, applications are identified in Dynatrace the same way. Either by a URL matching rule, or a domain matching rule.



OK thanks.

Except that in AppMon you don't require the requests to originate from a Javascript-enabled client in order to be counted as an application - at least that's my understanding based in the various feedback from Dynatrace users so far (disclaimer: I'm an AppMon user myself).




The data in "Applications" is based purely on real user monitoring data sent by the JavaScript injected into Web Applications by Dynatrace Oneagent (or manually). By default JavaScript injection happens only on real browsers (Oneagent looks into User-Agent header from request). To inject JavaScript also for other User Agents, you need to reconfigure the Application settings. Also the beacon (endpoint where the JavaScript sends data to) must be reachable from the browser.

Anyway as @Enrico F. already said, the user agent has to execute this RUM JavaScript. If the load testing happens only by executing HTTP requests and just parsing (some) data from the responses, without actually executing JavaScript, then you won't get any data in the "Applications" and you have only the server-side monitoring (aka "Transactions & services")


Thanks for the response guys. Yes, the load testing does not execute any JavaScript, so that would explain it.