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Log Monitoring v2 - What's your experience?

DynaMight Helper
DynaMight Helper

Who here has switched to Log Monitoring v2 and do you like it? 

Did you lose functionality? 

Do you wish you waited longer? (since you can't revert back)

Any advice for those of us thinking/waiting to switch?


I have one major concern holding us up from switching.

On-demand access to log files on monitored hostv1: Yesv2: No

Our Infrastructure and Application teams heavily use the ability to read the past 500MB or 7 days of Windows system logs and such files by simply accessing them via Dynatrace.   This has a been a huge help in troubleshooting issues very quickly (MTTR - I big sales point from Dynatrace).  I'm concerned this ability is going to go away.   We're a small company with only 1,500 or so servers in Dynatrace but every one of those servers have a Windows System, Windows Event, Windows Security or var/log/messages that is written to frequently.   I can't image what the additional charge would be if DT changes their policy on this when we're forced to switch to V2.   (similar to when they switched Cloud to DDU, we turned it all off and is no longer seen as a DT value add functionality).



I am working with an endcustomer that has the exact same concern. They are not going to switch to v2 because they dont want to lose the on-demand log and they are not ready to invest in quite high amounts of DDUs that will be required to store the logdata in Dynatrace instead.

DynaMight Helper
DynaMight Helper

Dynatrace any feedback on this?   Feel like we might have gotten setup here, first Logs were switch to be DDU consumers then it was changed that the original expectations of logs would now be charged.  We signed only a year ago, quite a drastic change because our DDU expectations and estimates from original signing our now blown out of the water.


A competitor did something similar and now receives comments such as "logging (bills) without limits!" from its customers.  Are we heading the same direction?



We have been running v2 for around 6 months and from the experience we have had, I wouldn't recommend going anywhere near v2 until Dynatrace have ironed out all of the teething problems it introduced for us.  Although some of the v1 functionality is still missing within v2, the overall experience via the UI is much better than v1. With v2, you also get the ability to use generic log ingestion via the API which includes the ingestion of Azure logs.

Things to watch out for as part of the migration:

  • Take a copy of your metrics and log events as this will be totally lost during the migration with no way to get it back again.  You will also have to configure the metrics from scratch again in v2.
  • Ensure all of your agents are running 1.227 or higher or you will run into the multiple bugs we have already exposed.
  • Be prepared to lose all of your v1 ingested logs as v2 uses different storage and non of the v1 logs will be migrated.
  • Be prepared to lose all on demand log access as log analytics will only be available through ingested logs only.  There are no plans to reintroduce this functionality in v2, but I believe they are planning to add log events without the need to ingest.


Although my experience of v2 log analytics hasn't been brilliant so far, I do believe Dynatrace are moving in the right direction in terms of their road map.  My hope is that they will eventually be in a position to properly compete against other log analytics tools such as Splunk.