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Managed Synthetic - Information as in Classic missing?


Hi everyone!

We are started to slowly move all Synthetic from Classic to the Managed enviroment (not using the api to get the results on the Manged enviroment, but to create the test in the Managed Enviroment) but we noticed that the information available of both products greatly differs (Waterfall download to csv or .har / trends chart /scatter plot).

Maybe we are searching wrong? Is that impression right? I couldn't finde information about managed api calls to get that info like json.

Did anyone have such insight with the Managed Synthetic?

Thanks in advance!


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Dante P.,

thanks for reaching out. Switching from Synthetic Classic to Dynatrace is not like switching from synthetic solution A to B. Dynatrace is an automated, full stack & AI powered monitoring platform. Synthetic is one of the key components of the platform, but as you might have already discovered, not the only one 🙂 When we started to build Dynatrace we focused on bringing real user monitoring, synthetic & full stack monitoring together. With this powerful combination some of your use cases might be solved in a very different way, compared to a synthetic only solution. (Also see

Regarding your specific questions

  • Waterfall download - this is currently not possible. What's your specific use case for that? How did you leverage this detailed data?
  • Trends chart / scatter plot - We do show trend charts on synthetic details screen. You also have the possibility to configure custom charts (see screenshot) A scatter plot view is currently not available, but we are working on bringing the multi-dimensional analysis (already available for application & services) to synthetic as well. It will provide the functionality to chart the data a scatter plot as well.
  • API - we do expose synthetic data via the timeseries API, you can find details here:

Kind regards, Philipp

Hi @Philipp K. !

Yes, we noticed. The AI Part was one of the things that pushed us to leave AppMon! Really great improvment!

In our Specific use case, the web is only monitored with the Synthetic until we do activate the RUM Stuff.

In suche case, our idea was to get an average of the page of all resources and calls. And bring that information to managment/business to build a plan to see how to improve it and allow us to track those improvements in a timeframe.

Kind like the Waterfall analysis when checking the RUM Application.

The trend we find out this morning, after the upgrade of the cluster. since the most important feature was the change to actually create the chart of the response time over a timeframe and download the CSV. Since others teams on the company take the raw data to show in corporate soft that they handle.

API: My mistake. Only searched for the Synthetic part of the API documentation(in the cluster) miss that bit!

Thanks for the insight and the article!