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Metric for Bandwidth in Dynatrace Managed



I have been using the Appmon 7.0 for last 1 year. Have a
plan to upgrade to the new Tool [ Dynatrace Managed]. I am doing the POC for
the same.

    1. In Appmon we can get the metric for Bandwidth where I
      will get the data like Dialup , DSL and Broadband etc.. ] and Factor
      reason [Low bandwidth]. Where can I get the similar data in Dynatrace


    1. Similiarly in Appmon get the report for a particular
      dashboard and dashlet. Where can I get the similar data in Dynatrace


    1. In appmon we can change the color for x axis and
      y axis type . Where can I get the similar data in Dynatrace Managed?


  1. How can I baseline a particular BT and and where can I
    see the same?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


  1. For now I think there is no such metric available. This was done by downloading small file by uem js agent, and I don't think it is still done.
  2. There is no option to extract dashboard to report. I'm using for this purpose . It is making PNG file of whole dashboard that can be shared than. There is idea to allow sharing dashboard for users that doesn't have accesss to dynatrace so you will be in the future able to send just link.
  3. You can't change colors for axis, in custom chart you can change color of particular metrics by clicking on squere near name.
  4. There is no the same concept of business transaction in Dynatrace. Now there are request attributes that are responsible for extracting business values you need, about extracting part of application in part of code meaning there are services. They are baselined but there is no such view like in appmon where you see those baslines.


Regards, Sebastian

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi, regarding bandwidth ..

.. the bandwidht metric is not available for Dynatrace and will not come back. The way how it is implemented in AppMon is not state of the art anymore and it has to much overhead and it is not working for all applications. At some point in future it will be replaced with new browser API's like: