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Migration of Dynatrace one agent on prem toDynatrace Saas enviroment


Migration of Dynatrace one agent on prem toDynatrace Saas enviroment


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hey Siva P.!

Are you asking about moving a Dynatrace OneAgent from a Managed Instance to a SaaS Environment? If so, the supported method would be to uninstall the OneAgent from the Host and to install using the new SaaS tenant's "Deploy Dynatrace" screen as described in the documentation here:

Kind regards,
Joshua P.



Remove one agent installation from all hosts monitored and install oneagent from new SaaS tenant's.

The alternative option is change the config file (ruxitagent.conf) and change URL to connect the enviroment, but the is the very expensive time;

Best regards,

João L.

Please note that changing the ruxitagent.conf file is not a supported feature and if you run into any issues, Dynatrace Support will recommend that you uninstall from Managed and reinstall for SaaS like I described in my answer.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Yes, the best option is uninstall oneagent installation and reinstall for SaaS. In the answer I wanted to present an option that is not viable and can generate problems.



About this uninstall @ old env. + install @ new env. >> do we need to take process injection into account? If I've understood correctly, uninstalling an agent doesn't immediately remove the injection; it'll happen during the next process restart. So what happens if the previous installation's injection is still there, as I'm installing the agent again for the new environment?

To answer my own question - yes, it does appear that I cannot simply uninstall the agent and then re-install it without removing the process injection(s). I think the uninstall instructions should contain some kind of mention about this...

Hey Kalle L.!

If you were to restart the Processes that were installed with the OneAgent after the OneAgent was uninstalled, they should un-inject automatically.

The OneAgent will never inject or un-inject on currently-running Processes. It will always make its changes at Process start/restart.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Yep, and like you said, I need to trigger that un-injection myself by restarting the process. So the uninstall modifies the preload list, but to actually make the change happen, a process restart is needed (which is always something of a manual task).