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Missing tags of custom alerts on mobile key user action

Hi guys,

Customer set custom event for alerting on mobile key user action.

When event was fired and problem was opened the push notification was sent without any tags.

Other custom event for alerts on mobile session count do include tags 

Question is from where the custom event for alerting redraw the tags from in general and for mobile KUA in particular

Thanks in advance for your inputs 
all the best and stay safe

@arnit_kashi , @yair_mashmor & Yos



@Yosi_Neuman I recomend setting up a an alert integration that mirrors the one that is missing tags and point it to this webhook test site: 


This site will ingest the alerts being passed and allow you to review the payload to validate if the tags were sent or not as well as investigate the entity included in the alert and setting tags as needed to that entity. 


Hi @ChadTurner,

Customer got its own MOM that already collect all dynatrace messages and from it we have found that the tags are missing and the entity is something like {"type":DEVCIE_APPLICATION_METHOD","name":"Touch on ABC"}


You might need to open a support ticket on this - thats very odd