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Monitor transmit security - Identity management platform

Hi guys

Anyone had a chance to monitor transmit security (.4.11) Identity management platform?

After adding AKKA Http capabilities with agent 177 we start to see entry point for the incoming request under com.transmitsecurity.server.Server but there is no other services being called from this service.

On the other hand we can see service called Requests executed in background threads of com.transmitsecurity.server.Server continue to the other inner application servers using 2 different thread.

Our guess is the the first service is calling the other service in none monitored way but since this is a sealed application there is no way to add Java SDK to stitch together the PP's.

Any input will be appreciate



If you see request executed in background you can always try to use method hotspots for finding extra entry points. In such case you will be able to define your own custom services.


Thanks @Sebastian K.



What you are experiencing is the missing "in-process linking". The entry points for the application (the one you have) just probably enqueue the requests. The request processing is then executed in some other thread (where you can see the calls to external systems).

I'm afraid this linking is impossible without modifying the code or Dynatrace explicitly supporting the application. If you have the option to modify the code (or at least add your own class files/jar files to the classpath) , then you can use OneAgent SDK in process linking feature do achieve that. See more in the SDK itself.

Thanks @Julius L. for confirming my guess here