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Monitoring of Application Access by Citrix

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Anyone has experience of monitoring application accessed using Citrix?

I have a client which we just deploy Dynatrace Managed to monitor 5 application, which 3 of them are accessed using Citrix, and coincidentally right now these are the 3 which aren't get detected.

I did see processes that belongs to these applications, and also the Citrix process, but didn't see any services auto-detected from them. So I just created a custom services based on Java process a few minutes ago, but guess can only wait til tomorrow morning working hours to see there is any request going into the custom service.

Is my approach correct? Or I should somehow...define the Citrix as a service?

Also, other than the answer to the questions above, any advice or experience talk about the practices in monitoring Citrix is appreaciated.




According what I know, Citrix applications are using a dedicated protocol to communicate with the client. You will just be able to see the first web call to the Citrix application. Another solution would be to use an E2E/Synthetic scenario (never done it for Citrix using Dynatrace).


As far as I know the communication between Client and Citrix Server is only image actualization - it is not really application dependend. You can see the application performance e.g. with RUM on the Citrix server (where the browser is running) but the delivery to the Citrix Client anywhere outside the data center wouldn't be visible.

You can use Synthetic Monitoring for this (Dynatrace Synthetic will not be feasible because it is triggering a browser and not a Citrix session) - we use ServiceTrace for this purpose (they presented on the perform this year)

Or you can use DC RUM (integrated with Dynatrace) and decode the Citrix communication with a network based approach. But this will give you only some hints about general Problems in the application delivery to the client and not a real end-to-end transaction response time.

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Dynatrace Champion


The best way to approach this is to use Dynatrace DC RUM to monitor app delivery performance in front of Citrix. When doing this, you can also monitor app delivery to Citrix, i.e. in front of the app server = in the back of Citrix. OneAgent would help with app servers deep dive and with Citrix servers' resource monitoring. All could come together in Dynatrace, with Dynatrace and DC RUM integration.

Some resources:

Question: Is the AMD now a deprecated product? We went over this on enabling NBAR2 on our Cisco Routers. However, all of our new traffic is SSL encrypted, and pretty much on the same ports. So the NBAR2 is a lot of processing for no real data information anymore. Would the port span tap feeding the AMD also have the identical issue with encrypted protocols?

No, AMD is not a deprecated product. In fact new release is coming out in a month, check

NetFlow and NBAR/NBAR2 can identify traffic type (SSL) and nodes talking, but obviously your router/switch can't decrypt anything. AMD can decrypt SSL traffic obtained from the wire via SPAN or TAP - if you supply it with a copy of the SSL server private keys.