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Monitoring one Agent and alerting if one agent alone is stopped and not the HOST


Hi Recently we experienced issues with few servers where in one agent(version 1.205) goes down suddenly for no reason with log saying one agent stopped manually. We could not find any issues with host as well as it is up and running continiously its is only the one agent that is getting stopped. Is there any way weherin we could alert if something happens to one agent on host. Alerting of one agent goes down so tah we can atleast restart it immediately.



Hello @deep_kumar_gopa 

The Unmonitored availability state indicates that OneAgent isn't running on the host.




Thanks Babar , But we have not received any alerts for one agent getting stopped. when no of servers is more , It takes some effort to find out whats is missing in UI. we need some way to identify when onegent get stopped.

Note : In above cases we have tried enabling alert on graceful shutdown as well but this didnt work as it is dependt on host and not One agent. 


you can create an alerting profile, from settings go to alerting => add alerting profile => select the management zone that you need to monitor => add event filter => select predefined then from filter problems choose Host or monitoring unavailable, also you can choose monitoring unavailable if you need to get an alert if OneAgent isn't running on the host.



Rakan Alkhalaileh