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New Mainframe settings/menu




I previously raised an RFE regarding the difficulty in having to create rules that allowed monitoring of transactions that started on the mainframe and those invoked through web requests. The Dynatrace UI didn't allow the flexibility required

Remove massive Admin overhead to enable stitching of CICS Transactions purepaths - Dynatrace Communi...


So I was pleased to see the new Mainframe settings available in version with 'Monitoring All Incoming Web Requests' now available.


But I'm confused over the text which states the following 


"Dynatrace automatically traces incoming web requests when they are called by already-monitored services. Enable this setting to monitor all incoming web requests. We recommend enabling it only over a short period of time"


Does this mean I'm still stuck with not be able to configure Dynatrace correctly to monitor the critical calls to the mainframe?


Also now configuration is completely impossible as the Transaction Start Filters are no longer listed in Alphabetical order. I'm now no longer able to create additional rules as I'm unable to maintain or validate the existing rules.


What was the purpose of the change as it's provided no benefit and has actually made things worse? Also who tested and approved this? Is anyone else affected by this?


I've created a support ticket as this needs to be rolled back and fixed.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@D_Miller please share with us what Support provides you with for a Justification and/or work around. 



I am also not happy with the new way to handle with Transactions filters, since "no filter" capability and they are not even sorted...

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl