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Not able to see request attributes ...Getting X-dynatrace... (missing) in most of the requests...


x-ynatrace-issue-02082019.jpgNot able to see X-Dynatrace request attribute values suddenly... seeing (missing) keyword instead of actual values. PFA screenshot... Please help us to resolve this issue


Did you tried change of attribute header field name? Dynatrace in their exanples usera x-Dynatrace-test for loadtestbig. I’m not sure if it is important here but maybe x-Dynatrace is reserved in Dynatrace for some reason.



We had a similar case. If our web server (apache) was set to full stack, the x-dynaTrace request attributes were getting stripped. We set the web server to infrastructure-only and the x-dynaTrace request attributes were captured. To have our web servers on full stack and get performance test attributes, we'll have to change our headers to x-dynaTrace-text.

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Seen the same issue with Neotys/Neoload testing tool.

In fact, AppMon used x-dynatrace header for load testing tag identification, but there seems to be a conflict with this name in Dynatrace (Managed/SaaS).

The load testing documentation for LoadRunner Tests has been adapted to use x-dynatrace-test header, but the NeoLoad product still uses to old name. We now see the tags appearing only on the Apache/Web Service, but the tags aren't passed on to any backend services.



I have the same issue. Can it please made clear which request attribute we have to use (dynatrace managed integration with NeoLoad 6.9.

x-dynatrace or x-dynatrace-test

Thanks a lot !!!

Use x-dynatrace-test. It avoids any confusion/collision with x-dynatrace.