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Number of messages written when QUEUE service is not monitored


we would like to create a custom metrics showing the number of messages written into a specific queue:


Like in the screenshot attached, the number we are interested in is "738", not the number of purepath on the caller.

Queue listener is not monitored with oneagent so the only info we have is caller side. Is there a way to extract that number as metric???

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At the moment - only way I can think of is to define a custom service in the code where the message gets pushed into the queue and then use the metric.

Queues are still considered second class citizens within Dynatrace and you don't have any metrics for them. 

In MDA you can count the number of requests writing to the queue, but this is not the same as number of messages written into the queue.

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Hello @monitoringteam1 

I am not 100% sure but might be the Enqueue/Dequeue Rate can be used to obtain the required information. If we use the IBM MQ monitoring extension.



@Babar_Qayyum with the extension you will have the metric, but it's only about the queue. You cannot distinguish between sources of the messages that go into the queue. 

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Hello @Julius_Loman 

Thank you for the information.