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On-demand application logs - what do I need?


Hi, I would like to access application log files via Host view (Dynatrace Managed). This feature is available for me, but the archive is empty after downloading. Do I need any license to use this feature? (I don't want to monitor log files continuously)



Strange. If you can download the compressed file, you have authorization. Does the archive have 0 bytes, or does it have any files inside (typically inside the host id directory, there is at least a Filelist.txt file)?

But now that I tried it myself, I seem to have lost the ability to download logs??? Very strange, because I managed to download one about two hours ago... The button "Download log files" disappeared for me! Wait, I went to another environment where it was available, and when I got back to the environment where I wasn't seeing it, I was seeing it again. Maybe a transient problem, so you can try this 😉 if this is your problem...


Hi, Did you check those files contains information from latest 7 days?


Hello Adam,

Have a glance at the below link for the troubleshooting of ad-hoc logs.




Yes, on the host page there is information if log file wasn't updated for 7 days. I can click on the file, and it is pre-checked to download. After downloading I have containing the selected file (name), but the file is empty.

Do I need any additional license to have possibility to only download log file? (I don't want to monitor or view log file content)

Do you know if that file has data server side?

Yes, on the server side the file is not empty

If there is data server-side, it should appear in the downloaded file. Might be permissions or some other strange thing. At this point, I would probably suggest you submit a support ticket, or contact the in-platform chat.