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OneAgent - how to install specific version

Hi All,

I want to install specific version of OneAgent. How can I download it without using the Deploy Dynatrace Tab on user interface? Agent should be installed under Windows. Version should be 1.169.172.

Oneagent would be used together with OneAgent SDK for testing purposes. Based on the feedback from Dynatrace support something is conflicting with 1.171.180 and Oneagent SDK cannot communicate with it, despite them being fully compatible Dynatrace Support is seeing a few other customers with the same issues as well, all using the same version. He suspects the next version of OneAgent will have this issue resolved.

Thanks a lot,




Hi Konstantin,

Which OneAgent SDK (Java, .Net, C/C++, NodeJs, Pyhton) do you want to use with OneAgent 1.171?

I am surprised - because i am not aware of any issue with any SDK where 1.171 OneAgent is being involved. Can you provide me some more Information? thanks!


Hi Alram,

OneAgent SDK for Java (and our product is written in Groovy) with version 1.7.0 and OneAgent version is 1.171.180.

thanks for fast answer.

regarding to every currently available OneAgent SDK for Java should be compatible with any OneAgent >= 1.167. From OneAgent SDK perspective, there is no reason to downgrade the OneAgent to 1.169.

Why do you think you need to downgrade the OneAgent? Have you any Support-issue or any other reference for me?


Hi Alram,

our Dynatrace Guardian advised us to downgrade because other customers experienced the same issue with the latest version of OneAgent.



Hi Konstantin,

please tell your guardian, that he should contact me - or provide additional information about the issue (SUP/APM/ONE) here.

if there is any compatibility issue with the OneAgent SDK for Java and OneAgent 1.171 i need to be aware about that (and currently i am not). i am from development and if there is no bug report for development, the issue doesn't get fixed. trust me.

It might be also the case, that the root cause is not related to the OneAgent SDK. In that case, this should be clarified here.

thanks for your cooperation!



You can download the installer in Settings -> Monitoring -> Monitoring overview.

Or you can download the agent using REST Environment API - > Deployment.

Don't forget that the agent will update unless the autoupdate is disabled for the host or the host group the agent belongs to.