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OneAget AIX Fullstack question


After a quick look on this blog entry by @Gatz, Bartosz (Bartek)

and regarding this sentence:

  • AIX hosts with Active Memory Expansion (AME) installed are not supported for OneAgent deployment.

This is for Frame,lpar or both?

In case of AIX host with AME, what are the options?


@Bartosz G linking Bartek's account user here as he would be best to answer

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


Today AME is not supported in any of the scenarios. We are assessing the general requirement to support this technology as well as technical aspects of supporting it.

Francisco, can I kindly ask you to provide a bit more background to your question? In what circumstances AME is used? Given the nature of underlying AME mechanisms, I am wondering about the applicability of this technology. Is this a prod environment, staging, or some other setup where memory availability is greatly more important than CPU? What services are running there? What types of problems, related to AME in particular, are interesting for monitoring, if at all.

Thank you,



All our AIX prod environments have AME enabled at LPAR level, we usually run IHS+WAS( IBM) or Oracle databases in those AIX servers.

We need to deploy Dynatrace oneagent in AIX and monitor these services, but as per this sentence

"AIX hosts with Active Memory Expansion (AME) installed are not supported for OneAgent deployment."

seems that we can't deploy oneagent in AIX servers using full stack agent.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Thank you Francisco. Much appreciated.

Hi @Bartosz G

Do you think we can roll out a mass deploy for AIX hosts or we must do it manually?

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Francisco. How do you plan to roll out multiple OneAgents at the same time? Do you have any particular software management solution in mind?


We will test Ansible or a custom script .

Hi Francisco. Ansible should work fine. You might want to check our Ansible scripts for OneAgent at GitHub: We have not tested them specifically for AIX, but this might be a good starting point.