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Openshift / kubernetes - New installer?

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So, i was testing a few k3s and mk8s clusters and said hell why not deploy DT and notice that there were new options for k8 and OCP in the HUB. Before it asked for Helm 3 to do it, but now is a single script. Is it only for SaaS? or Managed too?

The new installer did everything, from the operator to the NS creation and api K8 section... also deployed an activate inside the k8 platform... now the last time I read about that was in a github repo and was not GA... so... is this GA?

Couldn't find any doc about this.



this is news to me. Hopefully the developers can comment on this



ActiveGate in the k8s cluster is available with ActiveGate 1.207, see docs about that:

That's interesting - so the flag


is passed during startup which I assume does the same as setting kubernetes_monitoring_enabled=true in

Makes me wonder if this can be modified to optionally support OneAgent traffic routing or Synthetic as well by setting --enable=MSGrouter or --enable=synthetic... Although there is nothing official about a dockerized AG deployment yet.

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This is the repo at github: for track

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Thanks @Július L. didn't check in Kubernetes part. 🙂