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Oracle Database Insights. Inputs wanted!


I'm happy to inform you that with ActvieGate 157 EAP with metrics is open. Please feel invited. New features will be added one by another.


We are
working on Database Insights for Oracle that will help you resolve your
database performance issues using the power of our unified AI monitoring platform.

Draft mock (final design is subject to change)

Beta scope

  • Oracle
  • Database overview (metrics,
    problems detection,properties)

  • Wait events
  • TopN SQL
  • Explain plans from database

Get involved!

  • Complete survey (~3 min)

  • Comment
    on this thread to share your inputs, ideas and requests!

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    This would be a great feature. Thanks for sharing the mockup and scope, it's really great to get a heads up on what is coming this way!


    Do you have the step by step to create this dashboard ?

    This dashboard will be available with Oracle Database insights.

    Hello Jakub, When are you plannning to release beta version for this? If our customer is running Oracle database in Solaris, this will be the best way to monitor?


    Would these metrics be exposed on the API?

    Yes, those metrics will be available via API

    Dynatrace Mentor
    Dynatrace Mentor

    This link talks about viewing tablespace free space and size:

    Will that also be available in Q3? And will that also be available via the API in Q3?


    My customer is very interested in this feature!


    Hi, will this feature be availabe in Q3 on oneAgent for Solaris?

    Database insights will run on ActiveGate server and monitor databases remotly.


    This looks awesome. Is there any news of these features? Really looking to DB Monitoring. From DB Perspective!


    Will there be any monitoring information pertaining to monitoring RAC, ASM and Dataguard?

    Intially we will suport only standalone Oracle


    Looking forward for Oracle, MS SQL and Sybase support

    What's the status of the initiative? EAP, beta dates?


    when will this configuration be available?


    Any Updates on EAP or GA availibility @Jakub M.

    Could use this in a current project.


    We have close to 1000s of Oracle DBs and we manage them by using Oracle Enterprise Manager- OEM. Do we have any plugin available for Dynatrace to collect the metrics from OEM or some sort of native DB tools, at the moment OEM Support webhooks or external calls.

    As I was reading the post, I thought of the exact same comment. I haven't had an opportunity to explore the current dynatrace options for oracle, but it's next on my list to investigate. We use OEM extensively too. It would be super awesome to have that integration if it's not there already!!!


    We have a need for a way to run sql queries against columns in tables in Oracle databases, and monitor and alert on the values returned.

    We have several oracle databases where a table is used to track the status of jobs submitted for processing. Each column represents a different stage of processing, and is somewhat similar to a print queue. We currently have monitoring set up to run an sql query counting rows in each column based on a particular Status. Thresholds in the monitoring system will alert when count values exceed preset thresholds in the monitoring system. Different columns have different count thresholds for alerting.

    Dynatrace has no such capabilities. As of now, writing our own custom plugin would be the only solution available. I've submitted an RFE for this, with additional details:


    Hi, also interested on when this may be available. Would this require an agent to be deployed on the Oracle server or will it obtaining metrics through agents on the monitored applications?

    Yep, also interested in this^ --Edit: noticed this was answered already, it'll run on the ActiveGate and monitor the DB remotely


    I've got a customer at this very moment asking why Dynatrace can't natively pull things like Tablespace from an Oracle database. I would love to either beta what you have or know when beta will be available if not GA.


    I'm happy to inform you that with ActvieGate 157 EAP with metrics is open. Please feel invited. New features will be added one by another.

    Community Team
    Community Team

    See also this RFE:

    Keep calm and build Community!


    If i missed it, on thing that clients want is the ability to see the usage of database connections, will this be part what is available?



    Can one tell me how it will be licensed?

    It runs on activegate, so it looks like it does not cunsume Host Units.

    It is activegate plugin. It is licensing as Custom metrics

    see description here

    Mikhail, thank you!

    Are you from local O? 🙂

    yes, local )



    Would this be able to provide insights on applications using PL/SQL?

    Statements which are executed in PL/SQL are presented on Top slowest statements screen


    For managed environments Multi-tenant AG support for Database insights would be great advantage. (Avoiding dedicated AG's for all tenants)


    Refer to the snapshot above, where column is not sortable so far. Indeed in user-mixed env, we need sort.

    Also i want capture alert the top one Query at any specific time period. Currently the metrcis such as Application Wait time, is accumulation, and need further dig into top query manually to identify which one induce or suffer the long waiting.


    Hey @Jakub M., is there a timeline for RAC support?


    This looks interesting for our use case, but:

    When using infrastructure like Oracle Exadata where I connect via the same hostname but different service names+user/password - how would I split those to different environments?

    Multiple active gates in the same subnet? Multiple active gates on a single linux machine?


    this is really a useful addition. Would be good to get additional detail on the wait events. Also clarification on where the explain plans are sourced, with dynamic query plans, are we seeing the actual plan that was executed for the statement, or the starting plan when the statement is parsed?


    We love this data and it is super useful to have in-context with all other data inside of Dynatrace. It really helps in troubleshooting issues and making sure users have a single pane of glass to view full-stack metrics of any issue at hand.

    We had previously (prior to 187) the custom database insight metrics coming in and tying back to the SID of the database where the OneAgent is running. This was a HUGE win for the Database teams in that they could see things, out the box, in line with all the other metrics. This feature, however, was removed. Would love to see this come back together.

    There needs to be a better way to get to this data other than a single button on the technologies page, (currently hiding on the top right). We are working on getting more people engaged inside the tool and the accessibility is something we are always cognizant. The union of the process groups and this data was a big help here and we would love to see it opened back up, or have a way to do the configuration to pull it together on our own. Being separate really reduces value.

    +1. This is hugely important!