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Oracle Database Insights. Inputs wanted!


I'm happy to inform you that with ActvieGate 157 EAP with metrics is open. Please feel invited. New features will be added one by another.


We are
working on Database Insights for Oracle that will help you resolve your
database performance issues using the power of our unified AI monitoring platform.

Draft mock (final design is subject to change)

Beta scope

  • Oracle
  • Database overview (metrics,
    problems detection,properties)

  • Wait events
  • TopN SQL
  • Explain plans from database

Get involved!

  • Complete survey (~3 min)

  • Comment
    on this thread to share your inputs, ideas and requests!

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    Done the POC. We find most needy features should include Total Connections from client side to DB, which is missing now. Active Session is helpful but not as useful as Total Connection. Total Connection shall be used for both performance and capacity planning.

    Juwei, Congratulations on successful POC. I am about to start the POC here and if you do not mind, can you share what things you considered for POC with respect to DB?


    Is it possible to add Total Connection?


    100 top SQLs looks not adequate while multiple applications share the central DB. But if the 100 top is configured to pull from special schema or user, it may be enough. Now my suggestion is to either increase top sql from default 100 to a biggger, configurable numbers, or to limit top sql to the selected schema or users.

    Dynatrace Organizer
    Dynatrace Organizer

    Hi @Jakub M.,

    Pls add metric Un Used Tablespace (absolute value and percent of Total Tablespace) in Oracle Insights Plug-in.

    Usecase: An oracle admin would like to keep track of Un-Used Tablespace in all of the tables of their Ora DB instances so that they can ensure a minimum level at all times.

    If Un-Used Tablespace goes below 10%, an automation script/bot can be executed to add more space.