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Pause or Stop oneagent if it consumes high resources


When CPU or Memory or IO used by oneagent processes exceeds X threshold, we like to have the oneagent watchdog stop the oneagent processes or the oneagent should suspend itself.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @awahab ,

Dynatrace OneAgent already has built-in mechanisms to reduce resource consumption.


For example, the network monitoring module does along the lines of what you described, whereby it will throttle and pause monitoring in stages. Link: Network monitoring overhead

I suggest reading up also on how OneAgent uses adaptive traffic management and control.

If OneAgent simply paused or started and stopped, then we'd potentially lose data. Instead, with adaptive traffic management, we ensure data is statistically relevant to monitoring while maintaining a built-in limiter that helps to reduce resource consumption, like network bandwidth (especially for high volume scenarios).


Also for code modules, keep in mind that it is highly dependent on the monitored applications. See OneAgent code module memory requirements for describing the memory demand variance.

See also File aging mechanism for how OneAgent manages disk space resources.


Andrew M.


answering your question would be entering windows control panel services and looking for the Dynatrace Oneagent service and click on stop. On linux, service oneagent stop


you can visit the following link:


Best Regards!