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Please can you explain what is Active Wait Wait in DT Managed/SaaS



If you are talking about the Response time hotspots active wait time would be time in the request spent waiting, e.g. because Object.wait() was called.

Could you add a few more details on what exactly you mean? A screenshot would be nice.

Basically correct, more specifically Java has a thread state where it distinguishes between looks and waits, Object.wait is the primary example.


Please see attached screenshot.

  1. The overall Response Time Is 18.9s as per below
    screenshot, yet the Active Wait Time is 35.7s, Network IO time is 17.8s
    and the call itself is 17s. These numbers don`t correlate, please can you
    advise how these numbers are calculated, what they actually mean and what
    is the actual response time taking into consideration all elements.

@Patrick H. @Michael K. Please see attached.

Hi @Dhesigan N., something went wrong with attaching your screenshot. It isn't there.

a request can have multiple threads of course. so if you have 3 threads each waiting 10s you ahve 30s wait time, the request might still be done in 10 s of course as the 3 threads run in parallel



My answer above and Michaels comment apply to this.

If you click on the Actice wait time entry in the Top findings you will get a call breakdown and see which part of your code is actually causing the wait time.

The Response Time does not include asynchronous parts. So if some of the Wait Time is in an async operation, it can cause the difference in total time and response time.