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Possible fixes approach for code and purepath flaw - "Requests executed in background threads"


I am running a Performance Test(PT) for one of my nodejs microservice. The data journey includes couple of Kafka Consumers and MongoDB calls.

Below is my data journey flow:

Topic-A Consumer -> Process and create a mongo document -> Produce a message to another Kafka topic Topic-B -> Topic-B Consumer -> Process and create a mongo documents -> End

I am facing 2 problems here with Dynatrace:
1. The above journey is broken in PurePath and backtrace. I can see the gree journey but the red is categorised as "Requests executed in background threads of ...." . I am not able to see above as a complete journey in PurePath. After looking at some example and use cases, It seems, this issue is by design and treats the red flow as some kind of worker-job. How can I combine both of above journey so I can see them all in a single PurePath? Should I do that? if No, What else I can try for these kind of data view?

2. My database is not listed with all other dbs🙈. The Dynatrace is installed on Host.

Any help or guidance is appreciated 🙏