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Problem Notification Emails

DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor

Hello All,


I have a simple need,


How can I send an Email to a specific team if in the root cause I have a specific servers impacted.


Also in the same way, how can I send an Email notification to Database team for all problems having Database as root cause.




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DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor

@jonathan_schull Please any help?

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Hi, @Malaik ,



To the best of my knowledge, the way to send emails to teams when specific servers are impacted is to tag those servers (either manually or automatically), and set up an Alerting Profile with Severity Rules that filter for entities that possess those tags:







Aside from having to tag all the desired servers (or any other Dynatrace entity to be included), the worst drawback with this approach is that you have to create a Severity Rule for each desired Problem Severity level...

So, if you want all Severity levels, you'll need 6 rules in total.



After that, just set a Problem Notification rule using Email, and assign this Alerting Profile:




For your database scenario, I think the approach would be the same: just tag the DBs with a specific tag and repeat the process above!


The big caveat for your specific use case is: Problem Severity Rules include entities every time they are impacted, and not just only when they are the root-cause for a specific problem...

If this is fine for you, great!
However, if you're looking for only send emails if the desired servers (or database) are the root cause... that's a lot trickier!

Currently, I'm not even sure if that is possible... would have to investigate a bit further! 🙂



Hope this helps!

Best regards, Pedro Deodato

Thank @PedroDeodato for your quick feedback,


Yes Im using this approach for my configuration,

But those servers are tagged multiple tags Example,


server01 have tag1: this server is a DMZ server


The application team dont want to receive the alert if the problem concern server01 because its DMZ even if its tagged tag01

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I would recommend MZs. Tags are great but in this case can be a bit cumbersome. If you create a MZ for Say Easytravel. And It lists a range of servers, UI and SQL Servers. If you create another MZ called it EasyTravel_DB, then you can put in rules to filter out hosts that are not SQL hosts. 


Now with your two MZs, you can link them to the Alert Profiles. EasyTravel_DB and EasyTravel, can have their own alert profile, with the added ability that the DBAs can jump right into their own MZ and just see their DB Hosts and not the UI hosts that they might not care about. 


Thanks @ChadTurner 
The problem is the EasyTravel_DB are also tagged EasyTravel (and I dont want to remove this tag).

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