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Pros and Cons installing OneAgent Full-stack to Database server




We have monitored our app server using OneAgent and considering to monitor our database server as well. Could you help us by explaining pros and cons monitoring database server using OneAgent Full-stack and Insfrastructure-only mode?

We are trying to calculate the number of host units and cost that we will need to monitor these servers.


Thank you




If only the database is running on that server there aren't really benefits for going Full-Stack, as the DB can't be instrumented.


You can use the OneAgent in Infrastructure-Only mode and get more informations/metrics about the database with a plugin.



We are considering install OneAgent on the database because we saw an unmonitored host in purepath, and we thought that it lead to database server.


If I installed Infrastructure-only to database, will it show in purepath if I do a backtrace from app server? 

A backtrace from the app server will show the services that call the app server. To see which services the app server is calling you need to use the transaction flow.


That said, a database should not show up as an unmonitored host, that is e.g. for web services were no agent is installed.


Calls to databases will always be shown as a separate service of the specific database technology. You should see it as that in the transaction flow or the databases side menu entry.


If you can't find it there, check if the database driver that your application uses is supported

So the unmonitored host was not a database, it must be something else. 


Thank you for the answer. 

Yes, if you drill down to the PurePath you can check that the calls to unmonitored hosts actually where, e.g. the URL that was called.