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PurePath Duration Limit?

Hi all!

Does Dynatrace have duration limit for PurePath? In my case i have heavy SQL Select, which executed more than 5 hours - it contain several hundred bind values. I see only part of purepath (with 35 seconds response time) it not contain my SQL request.

Previosly i had enabled bind value collecting, i saw purepath with 2.27 of response time, but when i tried to open purepath - i had an error.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The instrumentation has internal limits when it comes to getting instrumentation responses from the application. If you encounter such situations you are probably facing a corrupted purepath. The native oneagent part timed out while waiting for response from the monitored app. Thus the PurePath is not complete and becomes corrupted.

Currently, you cannot display corrupted PurePaths within Dynatrace UI. This should be available from 1.164.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Thank you for answer. What is current timeout? can i encrease this value?

That's internal and you have no control over it.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner