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Re: Is It possible to monitor Delphi Apps ?

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

For those that are looking for options to monitor Delphi apps, we have fully working OneAgent SDK for native Delphi apps 🙂




Any pointers on this? I have a bare bones Delphi app. I have created the interface as per the github documentation. I then created a  NOOP Implementation, this is where I'm a bit stuck. The documentation isn't very clear on what parts of the interface I need to actually implement and which parts the one agent takes over. 


I looked at the Java implementation and in that case they have an object that they are expecting to be filled in by the one-agent and delegate all calls to that. But the  C# implementation just seems to be a Dummy Implementation.


I'm going to keep digging, but any pointers would be immensely helpful.


Also what did you do about the fact that "end" is a keyword in Delphi, were you able to work around that or did it cause you any trouble?