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Reports in PDF

The reports that are sent by email, be them Service Quality or Availabilty, one have a "teaser" and a link. Despite the fact that the link can be made public, I don't want it, as it might fet out of our control. Is it possíble to receive the full report, maybe in PDF or in HTML format?
Antonio Sousa

No there is no such option in dynatrace



Maybe the Dashboard reports will address you needs:

Dashboard reports

Subscribe to dashboards to periodically receive email updates containing a snapshot and link to the dashboard. Addresses reporting use cases.

You can find the planned dashboarding & reporting features here.

Another way would be to utilize the API where all the data is available. You could build your own reporting using that.

Hi Patrick,

Looks like this would be a good option. Let's hope it gets out fast.

Antonio Sousa


I too do not want to send links to managers.

I am investigating whether there is a way to export as PDF or .XLS (or CSV) to be able to give decision makers data in ways of which they are used to dealing.

Only you can do is using timeseries API for exporting metrics to extenal reporting tool.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Antonio,

Dynatrace does not allow you to export this to PDF but there are browser extensions that do. Extensions like Awesome Screenshot allow you to capture the complete page in a single click and allows exporting the screenshot in PDF.



I too have the same use-case. I want to provide reports to managers base on management zone. I want to export a dashboard to PDF. I also wouldn't mind the ability to schedule this reports. This is much needed.


I will probably have to go the API way. But before starting, does anyone know if there have been advances in this use case?

Antonio Sousa

Frequent Guest

Is there any update on this? It would be great to be able to export the reports as a PDF/SVG/* or maybe even send it via email as a ~preview~ PDF (someone thing like selecting the topics you want in the preview).


The plugin mentioned by @siavash_h works well.


It should also be possible to use Microsoft Power Automate  Desktop to navigate to a dashboard/page in Dynatrace and to print the contents to a PDF file using the build-in browser printer dialog (haven't tried it myself, but should work).