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Ruby & ROR & sdk instrumentation

Hello community.

May be anybody have experience with RoR & Ruby monitoring.

in blog described about C SDK and language bindings ruby to C.

I wrote simple script (simple webrequest to web server), initialized OneAgent SDK. (it was simple)

But i have no idea how to initialize & instrumenting outgoing web requests.

Because, FFI (lib to convert Ruby -> to -> C) rises errors with "onesdk_outgoingwebrequesttracer_create".

Other language bindings don't approach.

May be someone can share example, how integrate OneAgent SDK for C and Ruby on Rails App.

In some case, i can imagine that it is not possible at all for RoR.

There are many projects where Ruby is used, why there are no roadmap & futures & plans for development of SDK for Ruby and other native?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Alexander,

we see now and then some requests for Ruby full blown support but not
enough yet to build a solid business case for official support. Supporting a new
language is not “just” about developing a new agent, but also having all the
resources to test it, maintain it and support it in the long time. As there's a lot of things we want to work on, we need to be careful with our resources.

That's why we think the OneAgent SDK is a good compromise to enable our users to support additional frameworks and technologies.

Back to your problem: feel free to send me your sample project per mail ( and we will take a look.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Maybe a bit late to the conversation, but I wanted to mention it for future reference. Our engineers have produced a very basic, not complete and not supported sample of a Ruby binding:

This is only intended as a starting point for those wanting to integrate the OneAgent SDK for C/C++ with Ruby, there's definitively more work involved to fully integrate with a Ruby application.