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SMART disk data?


I'm following a case where disks might be a problem. Have been wondering if OneAgent factors in SMART disk data? Have not found anything in the documentation, so not sure if this should be an RFE? Does someone know?

Antonio Sousa


I don't think SMART data are collected or processed by OneAgent. This is a good RFE or a subject for OneAgent Host plugin. Since most of the hosts where oneagent is installed are VMs, I do not expect this to be a highly anticipated feature.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

You are right in that most are VMs. The use-case I have is about physical DBs, but the OneAgent Host plugin might be a valuable way forward...

Antonio Sousa

Don't you have some sort of SAN / disk arrays in your case?
Having any physical disk attached to a physical host is quite rare in enterprises nowadays.
Smart data can be accessed only by privileged users and oneagent plugins run as non privileged user. So you have to deal with this limitation and use sudo (Linux) or some other alternatives.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Yes, there is a SAN, but there are local too. You are right about smartctl, and it might be a challenge. I'll have to think if I go that route. Another idea I'm imagining is getting the data from the logs.

Antonio Sousa


At this time SMART disk data is not supported. But you can Toss in that RFE, and support will review your UseCase and possibly add that feature or build a custom plugin