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Script that posts on web service with XML and then uses the response in the next step url.

Hi guys

Customer would like to use synthetic click path for a specific application that needs token to get to the url. So we need to:

1. Posting web request with XML

2. Retrieve the token from the response

3. Concatenate the token to the next navigate URL

And we need your help in dynatrace scripting on:

1. How to post with XML

2. How to concatenate the response to the next navigation URL

Any explanations and examples will be appreciated

Thanks in advance




The Most important part of thsi question is how can we access the URL for the next step navigate action. The documentation does not include any sample to access any step's definition.

Thomas from dynatrace One suggest to add at the end of the JS window.location.href = "" + ticketVal; and its look like its works!


@Hannah M. any thoughts ?