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Search Bar Glitches


Over the past few years I have noticed some 'glitches' with the search bar in Dynatrace. While these 'glitches' are minor, they can be very annoying.

Issue: Copy and Pasting into Search Bar

When a user decides to look up a server they can use the search bar in Dynatrace to pull up all entities for that server. Many times users will just copy and paste a server name in there, but when doing so, the search bar will not actively search for the pasted entity.

The host for this example exists:

Scenario 1 - Right Click & Paste:

When a user goes to paste into the search field their value, they tend to right click and select paste. When doing so the search bar does not actively search for this pasted value. Even when the user hits enter, the search bar just clears out. We have found that users right clicking and pasting need to either remove or add a character once the value is pasted. That could be as simple as hitting the spacebar then the backspace. This isn't ideal:

Scenario 2 - Key Shortcut "Ctrl + V":

If a user uses the Keyboard shortcut of "Crtl + V" the value gets pasted into the search field and immediately results are populated without any additional keystrokes. This should also be the case for a user right click and selecting paste. Just as if you start to type a host name or any entity, the data is actively being searched and results start to populate.

This "Glitch' has caused staff to assume that a host or entity is nonexistent in Dynatrace solely because the method they used to supply a value.



Yep, the same here, in Firefox & Chrome.

Antonio Sousa


I've also seen this issue with the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge


Thanks @Aka P. and @Antonio S.! has anyone else experienced this?



Hello @Chad T.

You are absolutely right. Mouse Copy/Paste does not work whereas the "Crtl + V" works perfectly fine.



Dynatrace Supporter
Dynatrace Supporter

Hi, thanks for the feedback!



I want to let you know we have planned to work on this UX improvement,

I'll keep you posted once we know in which version it's going to be released.