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Security gateway shared between clusters? (Managed)


Is it possible to:

a) Share a Security gateway between two clusters?

b) Have instances of a Security gateway running on the same servers. (Such as it is possible with collectors in AppMon)



a) No, public security gateway authenticates using gateway token that is issued for a cluster. For private security gateway it is possible to have it in multitenant mode (single gateway for multiple tenants in one cluster), see

b) I think it's doable by changing the dnsEntryPoints and other parameters such as the webserver port, but I don't think this is supported. For multiple tenants, see the multitenant mode.


Well This is not multiple tenant mode, this is multi cluster mode. Is there any way of solving that do you know?

No, there is no multi-cluster mode. You will probably have to spin up a second VM for the security GW. You can try to play with the gateway settings (port-ssl, dnsEntryPoint) also with startup scripts and see if it helps. But I guess this will never be supported and may not function at all and stop working.

Is there any way of doing this using docker containers then?

Probably yes (don't see any reason why this should not work) but containers are not supported for security gateway.


Do you know why there is no support for containers?