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Selecting logs in Log Sources and Storage


We are currently trying to compare DT logging against out current logging solution.  To do this we need to add many many logs to DT Log Analytics across many hosts.  To do this we're using Settings->Log Sources and Storage.

The process is extremely slow and painful.  Every time we search for a log on a host it takes a long time to refresh the display, then we have to scroll down the list of already checked items (which is growing longer every time we add items), then we have to be super carefully to not accidently select a file from the different group (Host perspective, process group perspective) because it will clear out all your work if you slip.


Maybe we're missing something. Is there an more efficient way to be adding logs to DT Log Analytics? Are others experiencing issues with the UI?  I' fairly certain during Perform 2021 a new Log UI was presented, has anything happened since?




Not that I am aware of. If you are looking to add log files manually, that can be done via settings but it can be tedious. Its possible that with settings 2.0 things will speed up a bit and become more streamlined. Maybe an RFE would be the best option as it will allow you to raise this issue to the product developers.