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Service merging Azure



I have two (ASP) App Azure services monitored by Dynatrace, the PG's are different lets say A and B.

Now both services have the same functionality but they are used in turn.

Most simple question, is it possible to merge both services? (I already tried to rename the B PG to A) but that still did not help DT.

KR Henk


Hi @Henk S.

Did you tried to find those services under Merge service monitoring?


Hello Yos,

Yes, but Dynatrace does not find them as services to me merged... I think it is the different program group they are in?

KR Henk

If they are not appear in the UI, I think you will need to use the REST Api to create a detection rule - check Service detection rules API - POST a rule documentation

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Henk,

Did you rename the Process Group of A to B? Or did you adapt the composition of the Process Groups? To merge services, they should belong to the same Process Group (renaming is not enough).

If the Services and Process Groups are the same functionality, then indeed it should be possible to merge the Process Groups using the Process Group Detection in the Settings and after that it is done, to merge the Services.


Hello Sia,

I can confirm renaming was not enough (-; created a new detection rule. If I did not make any typo's, after the restart of the app service DT will only have one pool!